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Gutter Cleaning Tip

How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned?

Generally gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year.  However, depending on what sort of foliage you have around your home, you may have to get them cleaned every 3 months.  You can save money with Fair n Fast Gutter Cleaning by signing up for an annual contract.

Gutter Cleaning Facts

Gutters are the key factor in preventing your home’s exterior and foundation from being damaged by water damage. To do their job properly, gutters must be kept free from leaf, water and debris collection.

Performing proper maintenance a few times each year will protect your home by keeping the gutter system intact so that it will continue to route rainwater elsewhere.

Gutters are a part of the home’s exterior that collects water due to rain and snow. In the process, leaves, small twigs and limbs will manage to find their way into your gutters.

Cleaning your gutter system will extend the life of the drainage set up. You should clean the gutters two or three times each year, following the spring and autumn seasons, as well as after a severe storm.